On a beautiful sunny day in the mountains of Austrian Tyrol, during a hike lama, I find myself running alongside a llama, holding somehow the rope of the animal. It is also rather him, Simon, the lama, who leads the dance. He seems to like the descent, want to go home or pass in front of others, since it makes regular acceleration, followed by good heart by his relative Ronaldo. I do not complain, I run as well as I can, I laugh and I enjoy the walk. It’s not every day that you can go jogging with a lama.

But what is a rando-lama?

When I read the expression “Lama-trekking” or “Rando-lama” in the list of possible activities to be done during a stay in the Austrian Tyrol , I wondered what it was. Was it about riding a llama, as if it were a horse? Something else? The mystery would remain intact until we arrived at Barbara’s farm in Fieberbrunn. It must be said that I saw few llamas in my life: some in South America, some in zoos and that’s about it.

Barbara and Sabine welcome us with open arms and introduce us very quickly to Loriot, Simon and Ronaldo. Barbara is the master lama, she loves her animals and walks with tourists only to share her passion for her animals. She knows how to transmit it, moreover, just like her friend who translates everything in English. So there are three lamas, all three, four years old. They have different sizes, different coats and different characters as we will soon realize.

You do not ride a llama: unless you are a child under 30kg, they are not made for that. They can carry bags for longer hikes. That day, we will only walk for a few hours and we will only walk in their company, which is already quite an adventure. So we start two people by llama and we exchange as we go, to take pictures and to get to know these llamas.


After the effort, comfort. This expression never sounded so good as when I traveled to Austria last spring. After an intense hikellama , an adventurous canyoning session or any other activity that can be done in any season in the area, I needed to savor some simple pleasures. Fortunately, the region is not short of choice and the culture of the Tyrol is rich in small pleasures to discover.

St Johann in Tirol is a very beautiful Austrian city located in the heart of Tyrol, which has many historical attractions and is worth a guided tour. It is also a very cute little town, where it is good to walk random streets, to discover its colorful houses, shops and cafes and other secrets. Do not hesitate to stop at Wirthaus Post for a delicious meal on the terrace and a good Aperol Spritz.

There are many picturesque towns to visit during a trip to Austria and Tyrol. On another trip, I also had the opportunity to visit Kitzbühel , a city a little bigger, but just as charming, as you can see below.

One thing is certain, we eat well in Austria. Sweet, salty, coffee, cheese, pasta, Knödel, Apfelstrudel, beer and other Goulash … Feel free to try some treats and to please you, I personally have never been disappointed. It’s even better to eat with a view! For cheese, I can only recommend a short tour to Kasplatz for a tasty cheese tasting with a view. Do not miss!

There are incredible views in every corner of the region. From a café, the terrace of a restaurant, at the end of a hike, up a cable car. The breathtaking views are easily accessible from many places and it is not necessarily necessary to get tired to access them. Best of all, it’s feasible in any weather. The view from the Gipfel Restaurant at the top of Hohe Salve (reachable by cable car) is beautiful and can be savored with a coffee … or in the toilet! I let you discover it for yourself …


A good breakfast later and it’s time to put on our hiking shoes. This time we have to go down more than 1,000 m in two or three hours and the walking sticks will not be too much. This is the Bouquetins Trail (Stebok-Weg, in honor of the largest colony of ibex in Europe). No ibex on the horizon, but two marmots who watch us suspicious.

The descent is hard, my knees had trouble following and I twist my ankles. It has been a long time since I had done something so complicated, but I enjoy the beautiful landscapes of mountains and forests available to us. Hiking in Austria is choosing variety, in difficulty levels and in the landscapes crossed. We can not say that we are bored. We meet some hikers and cows, but no ibex. Pity.

I am happy to arrive in Dalaas (yes, yes), shower, rest and enjoy a delicious burger at our hotel Gasthof Post. The afternoon is well advanced and I can not really put one foot in front of the other, so we leave quietly to discover Dalaas, its river and its picturesque houses. It can be said that life is peaceful here and that the place is a good base for resting or hiking. The hotel, in an old style, is very comfortable, the food is frankly delicious and typical and our hostess is adorable! That and a little schnapps to get us back, as well as we needed that.

The night heals evils or creates aches for those who have forgotten to stretch. Guess which category I fall in … Clopint-clopant, I enjoy a last Austrian breakfast and we leave by train, far from the tranquility and charming villages of Vorarlberg. This time, I do not sleep on the train and enjoy our crossing of Liechtenstein, before returning to reality in Paris, to my reality of return.


We go to the Freiberger Hut Hütte that evening and the hike to get there is quite simple, with a small drop, but nothing more. It’s also very well signposted and you can do it for yourself. This hike is actually the first leg of the famous Lechweg and is located in a national park. Another advantage for small walkers, a bus runs on a road near this hike and others also. You can take it for a while, get close or even close to the refuge and its lake. The road is only accessible for this bus, for local farmers or for tourists paying a fee to enter the National Park, but it is very quiet.

We take the path and the guide explains many anecdotes and interesting facts about the history of the region, the fauna and flora. She knows the area well and is in love with her area. We quickly understand why. Our steps lead us quickly to the lunch we will take at Gasthaus Alpele. The place has been completely restored and was founded more than 300 years ago. The place is charming, traditional and popular and I feel that we will feel good. I can not help but choose Käsespätzle, the homemade pasta with cheese and onions that Sarah taught me to cook and that I sometimes cook while traveling. They are delicious and melting to perfection, the cheese is strong and perfect. I enjoy it. Annalisa chooses the dessert and then arrives a giant pan filled with a kind of apple and plum crumble (Kaiserschmarren ). It’s just to fall. It will be very difficult to hit the road after that.

We take the bus to advance a little and begin the rest of the hike. The weather is threatening, but the weather is nice and we chained the pretty views and other waterfalls. It’s nice to be so, alone in these film landscapes.


After a wonderful stay in Austrian Tyrol last year, I was looking forward to seeing the sights and the Austrian calm for a weekend. This trip coincided with my return to Europe after my PVT in Argentina and would allow me to have a soothing and adaptive break, before returning to France and live the classic blues of return. This time, not from Tyrol, but from Vorarlberg, a rather unknown region of the country, at the western tip, very close to Liechtenstein. The program was simple: discover the magnificent panoramas of the region and hike in Austria, in the region of Vorarlberg.

It is not easy to go to this corner of the world or at least the trip is never really direct. From Madrid to Zurich, I take the plane, then the train to Austria. We go along several lakes and cross sublime landscapes. I fall asleep despite everything, lulled by the train and my jet lag, always present. I wake up in Austria and meet my fellow travelers for the next three days. There is Richard and Franck from One Day One Travel that I know well and Céline, the Globetrekkeuse and his spouse Pierre. A taxi ride and we finally arrived in Lech, an adorable and typical Austrian small town. We take our quarters in a comfortable hotel, overlooking the hills, savor our first beer and our first meal. What a pleasure to find Austria, its beauty of postcard, its flavors and its calm. I would sleep well that night, finally settling my jet lag and enjoying my serene mountain sleep. The trip was long and the adventure begins tomorrow.


In recent months, Japan has put me in my loneliness and this is one of the reasons why I decided to move to Chiang Mai in Thailand. To find a community of digital nomads, to network and just feel more connected with the local community and travelers. But I was luckier than that, since my move coincided with a blogger friend’s trip to Thailand and I had another friend there in Chiang Mai. As soon as I landed in Thailand, I was no longer alone and that changed everything. It’s not just about finding friends, but finding people who have the same job as me, the same aspirations and with whom they can constantly brainstorm, help each other and simply advance. Even though these months have been horribly busy with work, paperwork and other round trips, for the first time in years,

I feel like I’ve put things flat, to have been more productive than ever and to have a direction and an alignment of my projects. Without them, it would not have been possible, so thank you to my incomparable Nastasya of the blog Valiz Storiz and Corinne de Vie Nomade , my rocks, who supported me while I arrived in spare parts of Japan. I also had the opportunity to meet for a night and a guided tour in Bangkok Romain of the blog Thailand and Asia and during a Florine evening blog World Adventure Divers. A friend from Japan was also visiting Chiang Mai and I had my dad visiting Thailand for 10 days on his first big trip. I also spent an afternoon coworking with a Dutch blogger whom I knew by sight. Add to that a flash trip to Austria for a conference of international travel bloggers , where I met many friends and met other bloggers for inspiring and inspiring moments, such as every time I go to a conference of Bloggers and a trip to Kuala Lumpur, where I spent a few days at Pauline’s Graineand you get the picture of very productive, inspiring and rich weeks.


Here I am in an alley, or a street, call it as you want. No cars or people around except for some barking from stray dogs.
Kyrgyzstan trip

It has been almost half an hour now that a truck driver dropped me off in the center of Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I decided to hitch-hike in this country. 
As Georges-Michel says , It’s the simplest means of transport. It is almost an institution in Kyrgyzstan. If you go to the side of the road and you raise your thumb, almost all cars will stop.

In short, to return to our sheep, Cholpon ata is a small village located 1500 meters above sea level of the beautiful lake of Issky-Kul.
Since you must be a bad geographer (do not worry too many months), I’ll help you

I’m standing there, unable to move to where to sleep tonight. I had arrived here without any program, my host at Bishkek had told me to stop there.
And I found myself there, with only my backpacking company, looking in the emptiness around me ..
After an hour wandering the streets, I simply said:

“Nothing to do here, I’ll break, I’ll find better elsewhere”.

So I took my stuff and started to walk to the only intersection of the village, hoping to find a car ready to drop me on the main road. From there, I would find a bus to take me to a bigger city.
I get on the road and a few seconds later I hear the engine of a car behind me, I thumbs up saying that it will save me a good half hour of walking if the person drops me a little further.

The car stops, a woman dressed in a black veil on her head opens the passenger side window:

– Uh, crossroads? (oh shit how do we say crossroads in English), heuuu to the next junction? Bus?
And there she answers me with perfect English
– You want to drop me to the bus station? (translation: “Do you want me to drop you at the bus station?”)

I was quite surprised, since the beginning of my trip I did not meet anyone who spoke English here. There are officially two languages ​​in Kyrgyzstan, Russian and Kyrgyz.

In the car, with a smile on her lips, she asks me where I come from and what I’m doing in Kyrgyzstan. I explain that I am here to discover the country, that I travel alone and that I have not planned anything. Usually I avoid saying that I travel alone, a simple safety rule, but this woman had such a sympathy that I did not need to hide this detail. 
I ask her how come she speaks English so well, she explains that she lived for a few years with her husband in the United States. Today they are back home and have a small guesthouse a few minutes walk from Lake Issyk-Kul.
The discussion continues for more than 10 minutes and she talks to me with passion about her country, the lake and the myths that exist around it. I listen to it religiously, it’s exciting!
Arrived at the bus station she said to me:

Do you have some time? You can come and drink tea at home and meet my husband and daughter.

At that moment, Cholpon Ata went from “boring city” to a place where I would probably spend some of my most beautiful moments in Kyrgyzstan. 
In fact it’s a bit like the definition of travel. I love highs, but lows are important too. I love being disappointed when great surprises await me at the end. And I love the fascinating people I meet during my adventures.

I do not hesitate a second and accept the invitation. I know from experience that the power to say yes can change a lot.

A brief overview of Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan

Well, let me introduce Cholpon Ata. 
Then there you have the main street:
Cholpon Ata Kyrgyzstan


Last September I leave to realize an old dream of teenager, to cross Vietnam on motorbike .
On the other side of the world, when midday is midnight or vice versa, the road is his law.
The balance sheet? A fortnight on the roads, as many cities crossed, several stops at the mechanic, a flat tire, sunburns to make a lobster blush, a hundred animals dodged, dozens of buses avoided, thirty breaks cigarette face landscapes of unreal beauty, countless encounters, unforgettable memories.

In short, an experience that I recommend to all.

So I asked my friend GM, GTLA travel blog and who traveled in Vietnam on a motorcycle for a month, to offer a complete guide to prepare and live a trip similar to motorcycle or scooter. You want to know where to buy (or rent) a motorcycle, where to maintain, where to live, where to eat and how much will it cost you? Whether you have experience or not, this article will answer all your questions!

Vietnam motorcycle travel

Why travel by motorcycle in Vietnam?

I usually travel in a backpack when traveling by bus or train. During these trips I met some motorcycle travelers. The more I traded with them, the more the desire to adopt this mode of transport was great.

They travel at their own pace, do not depend on bus or train schedules, and do not just go from city to city. They stop when they want, meet the locals, discover landscapes and wonders that guides do not record. It is this freedom and this immersion that I wanted to know.

Vietnam motorcycle travel and meetings

And it is this experience that I lived. There is only traveling so you can share your meal with 4 Vietnamese who will try to understand why you travel on a motorcycle, which will eventually offer you rice alcohol and take photos before you returned on the road. Only by wanting to go see a field of roses and blocking your motorcycle will you meet a peasant who will invite you to visit his house and taste the fruits of his orchard. And above all it is only this way that you will end up doing a game of billiards with a mechanic who refuses you to pay and who prefers to confront you to his favorite game.

Vietnam motorcycle in a field

Small game of billiards in Vietnam

Why Vietnam?

The motorcycle is the king means of transport. The Vietnamese carry their families, all kinds of parcels and animals on their motorcycles. This is for me the best destination for a motorcycle trip in Vietnam .

Finally, and it is not negligible when traveling alone and without GPS, Vietnam is the only country in Asia using the Latin alphabet.

Traveling by bike in Vietnam

For who ?

For all those who want it. I met mainly young people, alone or with companions I met while traveling, but I also shared a meal with a 50-year-old man who ventured several months on a motorbike in Southeast Asia. I talked to couples who traveled with one or two bikes depending on their driving skills.

Finally, I was able to talk with several women who traveled alone and who continued to do so or were grafted to groups of bikers.


No, I had never driven anything before an automatic scooter. It was my salesman who taught me how to ride a motorcycle and shift gears for an afternoon in a quiet place in Hanoi. The next day I took the road with caution and, 3 weeks later, I arrived at destination. And during that time I chatted with several other travelers who had never driven a motorcycle before arriving in Vietnam.

Traveling by motorcycle in Vietnam to several