Have you ever wondered, what would it be like if you had only one month to live from the present day? You see death is a great teacher. It reminds you, almost mockingly, that everyone is stamped with an expiration date. Whenever I think about death it provides me a sense of urgency, an urgency to start living. Would you still be working from 9 to 5 throughout the day considering all the amazing, heart warming and delighting things that you can do in that particular time frame and still be left with more time to enjoy with your family?

Won’t you think of doing the activities that call for the brilliance in you, activities that change your perception about life, activities that let you experience the beauty of nature, activities that make you feel good about life? In my opinion one of the few things that elevate the human soul to the peak levels of happiness is traveling. It is the essence of traveling that has motivated humans through ages to seek out for the unexplored and the less trodden paths. Traveling changes the perception of a person about life. It vastly increases the plethora of human emotions and experiences for a person. It shows that life can be much bigger and broader than one can ever think of. The surest way to make more of your life is to become more aware of what’s out there and to expand your definition of what’s possible. The best way to do that is? Travel.

Your problems, tensions, daily issues will vanish after some time and will not be of any importance to you after a point in your life but the experience of meeting and having a lunch with a person belonging to a different culture, experience of watching snowcapped mountains with mesmerizing lakes will not leave your side till your last breath. As Ibn Battuta rightly said – “Traveling is something which leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.” When you travel, you meet different people, you understand their culture, you immerse yourself into the vibrancies of the beauty the nature has to offer us, and you become someone else. Travel is important for everyone to know themselves at core, to explore and grow themselves into someone who is more wise and experienced. A picture speaks a thousand words. The moments captured in those journeys will stay with you for your lifetime.